Our Story

The Coffee Garden was founded in 2022 by Andres and Natalie. The couple met when they were young baristas working in the coffee industry together. They realized they had a mutual passion for high-quality coffee and a strong desire to introduce their love of specialty coffee to others. The two always dreamed of starting a coffee shop and decided to combine their ideas into one. Andres and Natalie had a mutual interest in coffee and plants, so they decided to incorporate those ideas into their first shop, The Coffee Garden.

About the Founders


Andres’ experience began when he was 18-years-old as a young barista at a local coffee shop. He had a strong desire to learn the best practices for making espresso, pour overs, and cold brew. With his passion for excellence, he quickly rose the ranks from barista to shift supervisor and then director of coffee. After gaining experience in the best shops, he decided to continue learning about coffee through the Specialty Coffee Association. Learning from SCA led to his interest in roasting coffee. After extensive training and research, he opened Rivas Coffee, a specialty coffee roastery in Houston, TX.


Natalie’s experience began when she was 16-years-old as a young barista at her college. After three months of working diligently, she was promoted to general manager. Before she knew it, she managed multiple locations across Houston while working full-time towards her international business degree at Houston Baptist University. She then moved on to new positions as a barista to learn more about Specialty Coffee. Through working at multiple coffee shops in the Houston area, she gained thorough training about the guidelines of Specialty Coffee.