Double espresso, syrup of your choice, steamed milk of your choice.

Matcha Latte

Ceremonial-grade green matcha tea, milk of your choice.


Double espresso, 10 oz of filtered water.

Flat White

Double espresso, 6 oz of steamed milk of your choice.


Double espresso, 6 oz of foamy steamed milk of your choice.


Double espresso, 2 oz of steamed milk of your choice.


Double espresso, 1 oz of foamy steamed milk.

Double Espresso

Single-origin double espresso with a side of topo chico.

Hot Chocolate

House-made mocha sauce, steamed milk of your choice.

Specialty Lattes

Pistachio Cream Latte

Double espresso, pistachio paste, white chocolate, milk of your choice, topped with roasted pistachio shavings

Pandan Matcha Cloud

Ceremonial-grade green matcha tea, pandan syrup, milk of your choice, topped with pandan cold foam.

Black Forest Mocha

Chocolate sauce, cold brew, shaken with oat milk, topped with roasted cacao nibs.

Strawberry Nirvana

Double espresso, chocolate sauce, strawberry syrup, shaken with oat milk.

Golden Hour

Double espresso, Texas honey, cinnamon, milk of your choice.

Zafrani Chai

House-made masala chai tea concentrate infused with saffron and oat milk.

Lavender Fields

Double espresso, Texas honey, lavender, your choice of milk.

Ube Cloud

Double espresso, ube syrup, your choice of milk, topped with ube cold foam.

Banana Latte

Double espresso, vanilla, cinnamon, banana, your choice of milk, blended.

Brewed Coffee

Daily Black Coffee

House-brewed black coffee. Ask barista for current single origin coffee offering.

Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold brewed iced black coffee, steeped for 14+ hours.


Hour-glass coffee brewer with unique filters that provide a lighter, highly extracted cup of black coffee.

Origami v60

Japanese styled coffee brewer with 20 creases in the porcelain that provides perfectly extracted coffee flavors.


Vacuum seal coffee brewer that ‘siphons’ coffee through a filter, providing highly extracted pure black coffee.

Specialty Tea Offerings

Naked Black

Black tea – high caffeine

Jasmine Green

Green tea – medium caffeine

Jin Xuan

Oolong tea – medium caffeine

Ten Thousand Mile

Oolong tea – medium caffeine


White tea – low caffeine

Hibiscus Mint

Herbal tea – no caffeine

Thai Chamomile

Herbal tea – no caffeine

Butterfly Tea

Herbal tea – no caffeine

Ginger Lemongrass

Herbal tea – no caffeine